how to get cananbis/weed in Barbados Where to get weed in Barbados

Where to get weed in Barbados. Barbados is a Caribbean island country widely regarded as one of the best locations to visit in the world. Millions of people came from all over the world to enjoy the stunning scenery, mild waters, and locally produced rum. Many people are astonished to hear that marijuana is legal, though poorly regulated, on the island. To understand more about Barbados’ marijuana problem, keep reading. Below is a full guide on how to get cananbis/weed in Barbados.

Cannabis laws in Barbados

Barbados’ marijuana policy is convoluted, but the island is on the verge of legalizing recreational marijuana in its entirety. What exactly is going on with cannabis is currently a little hazy in the law. Despite the fact that trafficking and selling are illegal and punishable by imprisonment, recreational possession is a little trickier.
Cops are often unconcerned about cannabis use, and when they are, they usually confiscate it. There have been reports of people being fined or forced to pay a bribe to the cops, although these are usually around $100. Smoking should be done with caution and prudence due to the peculiar legislation.

Finding cannabis in Barbados

Marijuana is relatively easy to obtain in Barbados due to the looser regulations, and you will almost certainly be offered marijuana, as well as other drugs, on a regular basis if you wander around town. Beaches and areas with a vibrant nightlife are densely populated with dealers, and if you stick around long enough, you’ll almost certainly score some marijuana. You might also simply ask the locals for assistance, especially younger males or rastas. Because it is growing outside, the quality of the weed is usually poor. A half ounce of gold should cost between $50 and $100. (16 grams). Tourists are notorious for being taken advantage of, so it’s always a good idea to haggle a little on the price.

how to get cananbis/weed in Barbados Where to get weed in Barbados