get marijuana/weed in Bergen Where to get cannabis in Bergen

Where to get cannabis in Bergen, Norway. Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway, and it is located on the country’s fjord-filled northern coast. Bergen is surrounded by beautiful mountains and scenery, so if you’re searching for a unique and outdoorsy vacation, this is the place to visit. Weed is difficult to come by in Norway, although there are a few spots around town where you might get lucky. Below is a guide on how to get marijuana/weed in Bergen.

Cannabis laws in Norway

As one might expect from a liberal and progressive country, Norway tolerates and decriminalizes cannabis, but it remains illegal. If you are caught with less than 15 grams of marijuana, it is considered personal use, and you will be fined. You may face harsh penalties if you have more weed than that, or if you are caught more than once.

Those who smoke marijuana but do not sell, grow, or traffic it are unconcerned in Norway. If you keep it to small-scale personal use, you won’t have too many issues.

Having cannabis on your person however is still illegal, so keep it hidden.

Getting weed in Bergen

If you don’t know anyone in Berge, finding cannabis can be challenging. You can go to Nygrdsparken in Bergen, a popular yet shady park filled with dealers and other odd people. If you do decide to come, go during the day because it’s a nasty place. Apart from that, you may ask around. Because many people in Norway, especially the younger age, smoke marijuana, they may be able to offer you a better deal than Nygrdsparken.

get marijuana/weed in Bergen Where to get cannabis in Bergen