On India’s western coast, Mumbai is a highly populated metropolis. Despite the fact that marijuana is illegal in India, it is relatively easy to purchase, especially in Mumbai. This is a thorough guide to buying and using cannabis in Mumbai, India.

Cannabis continues to be outlawed, with prison terms ranging from six months to two years.

Cannabis laws in India

Despite the fact that cannabis is technically prohibited, local authorities are usually unconcerned about it. Dealers are reportedly openly selling their wares on the street with little to no repercussions. You may often smell hash being freely smoked on the street as you travel through different districts.

Cannabis Prices

The price of cannabis varies depending on where it is purchased. Average cannabis rates in Colaba range from 100 to 700 rupees (two to ten dollars) per gram. You can buy moderate-quality pot for as cheap as 20 cents for a quarter ounce if you know where to search. The quality of the goods will determine the hash. The average quoted price for a good quality hash is around 500 rupees ($8) for five grams.