Where to get weed in Dhahran. get cannabis/marijuana in Dhahran

Where to get weed in Dhahran. You don’t want to get caught with marijuana in Saudi Arabia since you’ll almost certainly end up in significant trouble. However, if you’re not a local, you’ll probably be able to pay your way out of jail, but you’ll be stuck at the station for at least a night and will see some pretty sleazy stuff, which isn’t cool. Keep reeading through for more information on how to get cannabis/marijuana in Dhahran

Where to get Cannabis/weed in Dhahran

You won’t be able to find marijuana, but hashish is readily available. There are two simple methods for locating hash: 1- Spend a lot of time on the corniche and just walk around; eventually you’ll come across someone who appears to be a blaze, and if they don’t sell, everyone knows who to get shit from… 2- If that’s too difficult, aramco camp is the next best thing. Find someone who can sign you up for the aramco compound and look for students from ninth grade to college age.

Dhahran marijuana prices

It’s awkward, weight has no meaning, and people will think you’re a moron if you speak in grams… You can purchase a piece of hash approximately the length of your pinky finger for about 100 riyals… Some dealers have a little issue in that they only sell in 250 riyal increments, allowing them to make more money off of you. When you ask for a piece, say something along the lines of “hey, do you have shit coz I need a hundred” or something like.

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The good thing about hash that isn’t possible with weed is the quality is easy to detect by the smell. When you get the piece rip it open in the middle and check to make sure its not dark black and give it a small sniff, even if you can’t identify what the crap is its a good idea to do so because most likely you’ll make your hookup think that you know something about what you’re getting. However, no matter what you obtain, never appear too delighted because ripping people off is fairly frequent, and being pleased is tantamount to consenting to being ripped off.

Where to get weed in Dhahran. get cannabis/marijuana in Dhahran