Where to Get Weed In Vienna

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Where to get marijuana in Vienna. Vienna is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, and it’s also one of the most marijuana-friendly. Nothing beats strolling through the lovely 1st district after smoking a joint in one of the city’s many parks. Despite the fact that marijuana is illegal in Austria, the Viennese and visitors to the city do not take the law seriously. Keep reading to get more information on cannabis/weed in Vienna.

Where to get Cannabis/weed in Vienna:

Cannabis is rather easy to come by in Vienna as long as you have a knowledgeable guide. Drug sellers peddling cannabis and other narcotics throng the railway and metro stations, as they do in most other large European cities.
The best U-Bahn stations to buy marijuana from are MuseumsQuartier, Praterstern, and Westbahnhof. Other venues to purchase marijuana in Vienna include large parks such as Stadtpark and the club ‘Flex’ near the Schottenring station. All of the stations follow the same set of guidelines.

If you just pass by, you will be offered to buy some blunt based on your age and clothing; the vendors are mainly Arab or black.

Cannabis sellers in Vienna will give you a nod, and if you nod back, they will approach you and sell you marijuana. In German, marijuana is referred to as “grass,” so bear that in mind. Sometimes, the dealers who approach you do not have any weed on them. Instead, they’ll direct you to a guy around the corner or a location where the marijuana is kept.

When it comes to cannabis quality in Vienna, where you get it, especially from street vendors, matters a lot.
The merchants will normally sell you low-quality brown cannabis that will get you high but isn’t really good.

Because the majority of the dealers in Vienna are Arabs with solid sources, the hash is usually of superior grade.
Dealers will often provide you 0.8–0.7 grams and claim it is 1 gram, but there is little you can do about it on the spot.
Expect to pay around ten euros, although you may be asked for more; if this is the case, haggle.

Is Marijuana legal in Austria?

Despite its widespread availability, cannabis remains illegal in Austria. Medicinal marijuana, on the other hand, is legal. The laws and the police will target the producers and dealers rather than the general public, so things aren’t as bad as they seem, but they aren’t lawful either.

The officers will try to figure out if the marijuana you’re carrying is for personal use or for sale when they capture you. For little quantities, the maximum penalty is six months in prison.
You are unlikely to incur the maximum penalty, and as a tourist, you might be able to get away with a warning.
You can usually expect a fine or to be enrolled in a rehabilitation program if you are a local.

get marijuana in Vienna cannabis/weed in Vienna

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