get marijuana in Venice cannabis/weed in Venice

Where to get marijuana in Venice. Venice is one of the most popular and visited cities in Italy and the globe. It consists of almost 100 tiny islands linked by 400 bridges. Venice was a major power during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. It was well-known for its commerce as well as for arts and culture. Some of the most important works of Renaissance art may still be found in Venice. Due to the city’s considerable police presence, finding weed can be challenging, but not impossible. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about cannabis/weed in Venice.

Cannabis laws in Italy

Cannabis is the most widely used illegal substance in Italy. The tolerance of law enforcement varies by region, with cities like Milan and Rome being more tolerant than Venice. Possessing small amounts of marijuana for personal use, on the other hand, is considered a crime, and may result in a fine or the suspension of your passport or driver’s license. However, if you are a tourist, your passports are unlikely to be revoked. You won’t get in a lot of problems for smoking if you aren’t farming or selling cannabis, or if you have a significant amount on you. It’s better to keep your marijuana to oneself and avoid smoking it in public places, especially in Venice, where cops are plentiful.

Getting cannabis/weed in Venice

Finding marijuana in the middle of Venice can be tough because to the enormous amount of tourists and police. Venice’s “Lido di Venezia” beach, however, is about 10 minutes outside of the city center. Dealers, the most of them are Moroccan guys, usually sell hash there. Although the quality of the hash or cannabis you find will vary, it will almost always be cheap. Expect to pay between 4 and 7 euros per gram, with hash being the most cost-effective.

get marijuana in Venice cannabis/weed in Venice