cannabis/weed in Valletta get marijuana in Valletta

Where to get marijuana in Valletta. Valletta is Malta’s capital and largest city. It is located on Malta’s largest and most populous island. The city has a distinct architectural and feel due to its blend of 16th-century buildings with baroque and neo-classical architecture. Italian, British, and Arab influences have all shaped the country’s history. In recent years, Malta has been moving toward more permissive cannabis legislation. In Valletta, finding cannabis or hash should be relatively simple. Continue reading for more info on cannabis/weed in Valletta.

Cannabis laws in Malta

Small-scale drug possession was decriminalized in 2015, and medicinal marijuana was allowed in 2018. This means that if you are caught with a little amount of marijuana for personal use for the first time, you can expect to be fined between 50 and 100 euros. Possession of cannabis will be treated more harshly in the future, and you may be asked to enroll in a rehabilitation program. Marijuana cultivation and distribution are handled more severely, and it can even be considered a felony.

Malta has a sizable marijuana population and appears to be on the verge of legalization. To avoid more serious problems, you should still be cautious about how much marijuana you carry with you.

Finding Cannabis/weed in Valletta

Getting weed in Valletta can be tricky if you don’t know any locals, but if you ask about, you should be able to get some. While marijuana and hash are not as popular in Malta as they are in Spain or Italy, they are becoming more readily available. If you ask any Maltese teenagers or students, they will almost always be able to help. Otherwise, you’ll have to approach some of the people selling souvenirs around tourist spots and beaches and inquire.

cannabis/weed in Valletta get marijuana in Valletta