Where to get marijuana in Sunny Beach. Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is one of Europe’s most popular party locations for young people. Despite the fact that dope is illegal in Bulgaria, purchasing cannabis/weed in Sunny Beach is not difficult. Learn how to take your separation to the next level by reading our guide.

The legality of Cannabis in Bulgaria:

Weed is still illegal in Sunny Beach, despite the fact that it is one of Europe’s most popular party destinations. In general, Bulgaria has a robust anti-marijuana statute. If the authorities discover you with marijuana, you may be punished or, if you have a substantial amount, you may be put to prison. Having said that, a few of the people we spoke with who had been caught with marijuana stated the cops would seize it and seek a bribe of $100 to $300. On the other hand, one man spent a night in jail but did not have to pay any fines.

But don’t let such tales scare you. The vast majority of the people we spoke with had never been arrested for marijuana, and you can see a lot of people smoking pot even when walking along Sunny Beach. As long as you don’t smoke on the main street, you should be alright. Simply stay on the beach or on your hotel’s balcony.

How to Get Cannabis/Weed in Sunny Beach

Marijuana is readily available at Sunny Beach, particularly late at night. Around 2-3 a.m., dealers would appear on the street. Some of them are quite outspoken, saying words like “marijuana” or “cannabis” as they walk by. Others are more subdued, simply resting on a seat and taking in the scenery. Simply approach them and ask them a question. Another technique to obtain marijuana is to inquire of any of the street promoters; they will almost always know where to obtain it. A gram of cocaine normally costs between 20 and 30 leva (about $10 to $15).

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