get marijuana in Stuttgart cannabis/weed to Stuttgart

Where to get marijuana in Stuttgart. Stuttgart is a large, rich city that deserves to be known by more people. The standard amenities found in German cities can be expected. There’s good beer, beautiful clubs, and a few cannabis smokers. Although cannabis is illegal in Germany, you should have no trouble locating it if you read our cannabis/weed to Stuttgart.

Cannabis laws in Germany

When it comes to marijuana, the German drug law, or Bet√§ubungsmittelgesetz as it is more often known, is fairly permissive. If you have a small amount of marijuana for personal use, you’ll get away with a warning or a fine. In the state of Stuttgart, anything less than 6 grams of cannabis is considered a little amount. You’re unlikely to be in trouble with the cops if you have that much or less. You may face a heavier punishment if you smoke in a very public setting, such as near a school or youngsters. If you sell or grow marijuana, you might get into a lot more difficulty.

Getting Cannabis/weed in Stuttgart

In Stuttgart, it’s not difficult to find marijuana to smoke. Simply go to a park, such as the Stadtpark or the Stadtgarten. Cannabis has a pleasant odor that can easily be detected there. Simply approach people who are smoking and ask them about it. The majority of the time, they’ll be laid-back and pleasant pupils. Although tourists are occasionally taken advantage of, you may expect to pay around 10 euros per gram. Examine the pot before paying for it, as vendors usually put less weed in the package than you paid for.

get marijuana in Stuttgart cannabis/weed to Stuttgart