get marijuana in Rome cannabis/weed in Rome

Where to get marijuana in Rome. Rome is unlike any other city in the world, and it is one of the places that everyone should visit. You must visit this city when inebriated because of its wonderful food, intriguing history, and vibrant nightlife. First and foremost, Italians are quite unconcerned about marijuana, so despite the laws, you should be able to obtain some in Rome. Here’s a list of places where you can get high while on your trip. Continue readinfg for more on cannabis/weed in Rome.

Cannabis laws in Italy

It should come as no surprise that Italy has very lax marijuana laws. Although marijuana is illegal, small amounts are decriminalized, so you’re unlikely to go to jail. You might expect a fine and the forfeiture of your belongings if you have a few grams on you. Of course, that is simply the law; you may only receive a warning in practice. Despite the fact that Rome is more liberal than the rest of Italy, you must nevertheless be respectful and refrain from smoking in public places such as the Coliseum. You might be able to avoid paying the fee if you are discreet and cooperative with the cops when they arrive.

Where to get cannabis/weed in Rome

You will have many opportunities to score because Rome has so much to offer and is such a vast city; here are some of the best places to look:
In the San Lorenzo area, there are a few merchants who are a little more legitimate than the rest. Although it is predominantly a student community, cruising the streets will reveal some Moroccans or Albanians peddling cannabis. They will approach you and say “fumo,” which is an Italian slang term for marijuana, if you make eye contact with them. Tourists pay roughly 10 euros per gram, but you might be able to save a few bucks if you bargain hard enough. The quality is poor.

The Santa Caterina della Rota Piazza is well worth a visit. You must keep an eye out for the dears and make eye contact with them, just like you do in any other part of Rome. Don’t be taken advantage of, and don’t pay too much.

get marijuana in Rome cannabis/weed in Rome