cannabis/weed in Rhodes get marijuana in Rhodes

Where to get marijuana in Rhodes. The largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, Rhodes sits only a few kilometers off the Turkish coast. The island was historically significant because it was home to the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the ancient world’s seven wonders. With outstanding restaurants, cultural activities, and stunning beaches, Rhodes is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination. Continue reading for more on cannabis/weed in Rhodes.

Cannabis laws in Greece

Purchasing and consuming marijuana in Greece is exceedingly risky due to the severe cannabis laws. Possessing small amounts of cannabis for personal use is not considered a serious crime, and a fine is usually levied. However, the court must decide what constitutes a small amount and if it was meant for personal use. This implies that even if you only have a small amount of marijuana, you will have to serve time in prison before appearing in court. Marijuana sales and production are more serious charges that almost always end in jail. In Greece, it is advisable to stay away from cannabis completely. Smokers abound, both locals and visitors, but getting caught is a pain and will almost certainly ruin your holiday.

Finding weed in Rhodes

Getting cannabis as a guest in Rhodes can be challenging due to the lack of street dealers. It’s usually a good idea to ask taxi drivers and hotel employees where you can get weed, as many locals are familiar with where to get it. This, on the other hand, is a hit-or-miss proposition. Marijuana is far more readily available in larger Greek towns like Athens and Thessaloniki. Cannabis in Greece is typically of poor grade. A gram costs 10 euros, however if you are a visitor, you may be charged more.

cannabis/weed in Rhodes get marijuana in Rhodes