cannabis/weed in Paris get marijuana in Paris

Where to get marijuana in Paris. Paris is the most visited city in the world for a multitude of reasons. Art, culture, history, wine, gastronomy, and architecture all come together in one place. But how is the situation with cannabis/weed in Paris? We’ll go through everything in depth further down, but the facts are simple. Although marijuana in Paris is illegal, it is easy to find if you know where to look.

Cannabis Laws in Paris

France has been gradually moving toward cannabis legalization, with small amounts of marijuana being decriminalized at the end of 2019. If you are caught with marijuana in your possession by the authorities, you may face a fine of 200 Euros rather than a prison sentence. First and foremost, it is the law, and in actuality, you may be able to get away with just a warning. If you follow the cops’ orders, you should be fine.

It appears that the cops in Paris are unconcerned with people smoking joints, especially visitors. If you smoke discretely in a secluded part of a park or anywhere away from youngsters, no one should be concerned.

Where to get cannabis/weed in Paris

The city center in the evening. On the streets of Paris, sellers will be selling hash and cannabis as the evening progresses. If you visit the larger clubs and pubs, you will almost surely be offered cannabis and other drugs, but the prices are typically expensive for tourists.
Cannabis is 10 euros per gram for residents alone. Tourists are commonly exploited, so try to negotiate a better deal. In Paris, hash is readily available and frequently outperforms cannabis. The quality varies widely on the street.

cannabis/weed in Paris get marijuana in Paris