get marijuana in Naples cannabis/weed in Naples

Where to get marijuana in Naples. Naples is one of the largest cities in southern Italy. It is famous for its beautiful architecture and diverse culture. Like any other southern Italian city, it has a laid-back Mediterranean vibe. As a result, Naples is a great place to smoke weed. It can be tough to obtain cannabis in a new location, but our guide on cannabis/weed in Naples can help.

Cannabis laws in Italy

Weed is illegal in Italy, as it is in the majority of European countries. You are unlikely to suffer major consequences if you are carrying a little amount of cannabis for personal use. Smoking a joint or having a tiny amount of marijuana on your person is considered a crime, meaning you will be penalized if caught. On the other hand, dealing with or cultivating marijuana is illegal, and the consequences are significantly higher. People in the south of Italy are less receptive of marijuana than those in places like Milan.

Where to Get Cannabis/Weed in Naples

It will be much easier to find marijuana if you know some locals, just like it will be in any other country. If you haven’t already heard, Naples is a rough city, so proceed with caution if you plan to buy marijuana there. The greatest place to start looking in Naples is the Secondigliano, a seedy neighborhood where you should go with an Italian friend. If you don’t want to risk going to the more dangerous parts of town, go to the beach or to the more touristy regions. Usually, people selling cannabis or hash are present.

get marijuana in Naples cannabis/weed in Naples