get marijuana in Mostar cannabis/weed in Mostar 

Where to get marijuana in Mostar. Mostar is Herzegovina’s cultural and economic hub, as well as the country’s most visited tourist destination. The Old Bridge, which spans the Neretva River, is Bosnia’s most well-known cultural icon. The city features beautiful Ottoman architecture that has been wonderfully kept, and seeing it from above is an unforgettable experience. Marijuana, on the other hand, is illegal in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with very tight limitations. Cannabis is also tough to come by in Mostar. Continue reading for a complete guide on  cannabis/weed in Mostar.

Cannabis laws in Bosnia

Despite the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of Europe’s largest cannabis producers, marijuana remains illegal, and the laws are fairly severe. Even the least amount of marijuana, in theory, might result in a prison sentence. In actuality, though, a fine and possibly a night in prison for a few grams is far more likely. If you sell or grow marijuana, you could risk a longer prison sentence.

Cannabis is still illegal in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so if you do decide to smoke there, keep it to yourself. If you do obtain marijuana, do not use it in public and attempt to avoid being apprehended by the authorities.

Getting Cannabis/weed in Mostar

When it comes to finding cannabis in Mostar, it’s hit-or-miss. In the metropolis, there are no street dealers, and the chances of seeing someone smoking in public are small. However, there is a lot of marijuana being grown in the neighborhood, and you might be able to buy it for a cheap price. You’d have to rely on the help of the locals. You could ask anyone in your region who works in the service business whether they can assist you. Regardless, the chances are small, and the cops are in danger.

get marijuana in Mostar cannabis/weed in Mostar