cannabis/weed in Mons get marijuana in Mons

Where to get marijuana in Mons. Mons is a Belgian city in the French province of Wallon. If you’re in Belgium, you should visit this attractive city with rich history and architecture. In addition to the beer and food, you might want to smoke some marijuana. However, because marijuana is still illegal in Belgium, finding a place to smoke in Mons can be challenging. However, it’s not impossible. Continue reading to learn more about cannabis/weed in Mons.

Cannabis laws in Mons, Belgium

Because they are sandwiched between the Netherlands and France, Belgians have no choice but to like marijuana. Belgian laws, on the other hand, are not as liberal as one might think, but they aren’t as bad as one might think.
Marijuana possession and consumption are currently allowed for personal use. This means that if you’re caught smoking a modest amount of marijuana, the most severe penalty is a fine of 200 euros. The officers will assume you’re using marijuana for personal reasons if you have less than 3 grams on you. Cannabis sales and distribution will be subject to tougher sanctions.

Overall, Belgium is not as liberal as the Netherlands when it comes to marijuana, but it is also not too restrictive. If you’re only passing through and want to visit a couple bars, that’s usually fine. If you don’t smoke in public or upset people with your marijuana use, everything should be fine.

Getting Cannabis/weed in Mons

It’s worth a chance, even if acquiring weed in Mons is tricky if you don’t know anyone. The best place to start is in the city center, particularly in the area surrounding the train station. Several unscrupulous persons assemble in the nights, many of whom sell marijuana. It can be daunting to approach a Moroccan migrant and ask for weed, but there are no other options in Mons. If you don’t ask to see the weed before paying for it, you might get ripped off. You should set aside about 10 euros each gram.

cannabis/weed in Mons get marijuana in Mons