get marijuana in Istanbul get weed/cannabis in Istanbul

Where to get marijuana in Istanbul. If you ever find yourself in Istanbul, a beautiful city that straddles two continents, there’s a strong chance you’ll want to smoke marijuana to make the most of your visit. Many old buildings from numerous civilizations can be found in the city, which has a long history. In Istanbul, culture vultures will appreciate every moment. Continue reading to learn more about where to get weed/cannabis in Istanbul and how to smoke it.

Cannabis Law in Turkey

Turkey’s cannabis laws are strict, and any cannabis-related activity is outright illegal. People in Istanbul, on the other hand, are very open to cannabis, with around 30% of the population smoking it. In that country, cannabis is still illegal, so if you’re caught with it, you’ll almost certainly be punished and imprisoned. When it comes to natives, things are different, but things are different when it comes to tourists. If you are arrested by the police, there is a good chance that the officer will accept a little bribe.

Where to Get Cannabis in Istanbul 

As previously said, cannabis is smoked by a substantial portion of the population in Istanbul, therefore acquiring high-quality cannabis is not difficult. Caddebostan Park and Tarlabasi are without a doubt the best places to find marijuana. Many young people smoke, and if you approach them in a positive manner, they will surely help you. It’s always a good idea to double-check marijuana before buying it, as there have been countless reports of scams in this sector. Avoid gloomy backstreets and stick to the people.

Cannabis Prices 

You can get high-quality cannabis in Istanbul even if you don’t have any connections. Check out the above-mentioned locations, and always inspect the quality of the cannabis before purchase. The cost of a gram of good cannabis starts at roughly $8. The price per gram will be closer to $4 if you purchase larger quantities. In Istanbul, hashish is widely used and sold, and you should try it while you’re there. The cost of a decent sticky brick is $5 per gram.

get marijuana in Istanbul get weed/cannabis in Istanbul