get marijuana in Golden Sands cannabis/weed in Golden Sands

Where to get marijuana in Golden Sands. Golden Sands is a prominent Bulgarian tourist site. Every year, it attracts millions of tourists, many of them are looking for a good time, similar to Sunny Beach. Golden Sands’ attractions include nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and even a miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower. Cannabis is illegal in Bulgaria, and the laws are highly harsh. It should come as no surprise that cannabis is freely available given the demographics of Golden Sands’ young visitors. Continue reading for more in cannabis/weed in Golden Sands.

Cannabis laws in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has strict cannabis legislation when compared to other European countries.
If you have any amount of pot in your possession right now, you could end up in prison or paying a fine. In reality, the vast majority of people receive simply a fine or a single night in jail.
For cultivating and selling cannabis, you should expect even harsher penalties, with prison almost a certainty. Overall, it is recommended that visitors to Golden Sands avoid from smoking in public. Always be on the lookout for cops. Some people smoke at night on the beach, but this is dangerous as well.

Finding cannabis/weed in Golden Sands

Finding quality weed in Golden Sands can be challenging if you don’t know anyone in the region. Cannabis dealers are commonly observed strolling the streets late at night. Between the hours of 2 and 5 a.m., they can be spotted in the main lane, asking if you want marijuana. On the other side, their cannabis isn’t of the greatest grade. The price is generally 20 leva per gram, however if you are a visitor, you may be asked to pay more. Always request to see the marijuana before paying for it to avoid being taken advantage of.

get marijuana in Golden Sands cannabis/weed in Golden Sands