cannabis/weed in Ghent get marijuana in Ghent

Where to get marijuana in Ghent. Ghent is the capital of the Belgian province of Eastern Flanders. The city has been economically rich since the Middle Ages, and it features one of Belgium’s most beautiful city centers. Despite being smaller than Brussels and Antwerp, Ghent has a thriving nightlife with a lot to offer visitors. Despite the fact that cannabis is illegal in Belgium, due to its proximity to the Netherlands and the fact that Ghent is a student city, you should have no trouble obtaining it. Keep reading for more on cannabis/weed in Ghent.

Cannabis laws in Ghent, Belgium

When it comes to marijuana, Belgium’s laws are fairly open, but not as liberal as the Netherlands’. Possession and cultivation of marijuana for personal use are no longer prohibited. This means that you will only be fined 75-125 euros if you have less than 3 grams of cannabis in your hands or are only growing one plant. You could face harsh legal consequences if you sell or possess more marijuana than that.

Marijuana is quite popular among Belgians, especially students, therefore smelling weed while roaming around Gent is fairly uncommon. However, it is recommended to use common sense and refrain from smoking in public locations in order to prevent getting caught by the cops.

Getting cannabis/weed in Ghent

The most foolproof way to buy weed in Ghent is to drive to the Netherlands and get it legally there. However, if you don’t have a car, you should avoid taking the train because police officers may conduct random inspections on passengers. Otherwise, heading to hip locations where students party is your best bet within the city. For students, the Overpoortstraat is a popular hangout spot. Late at night, dealers, mostly Moroccans, can be spotted strolling around.
If everything else fails, go around and ask around. The bulk of your classmates will be able to help you.

cannabis/weed in Ghent get marijuana in Ghent