get marijuana in Eindhoven cannabis/weed in Eindhoven

Where to get marijuana in Eindhoven. Eindhoven, the Netherlands’ fifth-largest city, is a fantastic weekend getaway location. The nightlife in Eindhoven is amazing, and marijuana is widely available. Here’s a list of coffee cafes and cannabis/weed in Eindhoven.

Weed laws in Eindhoven:

Contrary to popular opinion, cannabis is illegal in the Netherlands. Nonetheless, it is tolerated and decriminalized. Like Amsterdam, Eindhoven offers a plethora of coffeeshops. In the Netherlands, coffeeshops are the only legal places to buy marijuana and hashish. Officials allow marijuana to be sold and consumed in coffee shops despite the fact that it is technically illegal. Smoking is illegal in public places in Eindhoven, but you can certainly do it in the park. You’ll need an ID that proves you’re above the age of 18 to buy marijuana in Eindhoven, exactly like in Amsterdam.

This was not always the case; cannabis could previously only be sold to Eindhoven citizens. Despite the fact that it is illegal, modest street dealing continues. Although it is illegal to buy from street vendors, you are unlikely to suffer serious punishment. Outside of a cofeeshop, however, selling is unlawful and may result in jail time.

Where to Get Cannabis/weed in Eindhoven:

With so many coffee shops in Eindhoven, there is little reason to buy from street vendors. They’ll sell you weed in smaller quantities for a greater price, and there’s a considerable chance you’ll be duped. Instead, here are two of the best coffeeshops in Eindhoven:

get marijuana in Eindhoven cannabis/weed in Eindhoven