cannabis/weeds in Dresden get marijuana in Dresden

Where to get marijuana in Dresden. Dresden, the capital of the state of Saxony, has recently developed a reputation as a trendy and hip destination. Dresden is an excellent destination to visit because it has a large student population, a dark and interesting history, and all of Germany’s fantastic attractions. In Dresden, finding weed is relatively easy, and anyone who looks hard enough should be able to locate some. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide to cannabis/weeds in Dresden.

Cannabis laws in Germany

When it comes to narcotics, Germany is fairly open and accommodating, and marijuana is no exception. Although different states have different laws, a good rule of thumb is to never travel across Germany with more than 6 grams of marijuana on you. You won’t have to worry about fines or jail time because you’ll be legal all around the country. Don’t sell marijuana because it’s against the law. If you are caught driving while inebriated, you could face serious consequences, so if you must drive, be cautious when smoking.

Getting Cannabis/weed in Dresden

The greatest venues to get cannabis in Dresden, as in most German cities, are train terminals. If you walk through Neustadt or Albertplatz, you’ll virtually probably come across someone dealing. Keep in mind that some areas are more perilous at night. The majority of the dealers are African-American or Arab men who stand out. Don’t be scared to ask; Germans are generally receptive of marijuana, and everything should be alright as long as there are no cops present. You should expect to pay around 10 euros per gram of high-quality cannabis in Dresden.

cannabis/weeds in Dresden get marijuana in Dresden