cannabis/weed in Burgas get marijuana in Burgas

Where to get marijuana in Burgas. Burgas is Bulgaria’s fourth largest city, located near Sunny Beach on the Black Sea coast. It is recognized as one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful cities and one of the most pleasant places to live. It features a beautiful beach that is perfect for weed smoking, especially in the summer. Continue reading to get more info on cannabis/weed in Burgas.

Cannabis laws in Bulgaria

The use of marijuana is prohibited in Bulgaria, according to the country’s laws. Cannabis, like cocaine and heroin, is categorized as a hard drug. In theory, having any amount of marijuana on your person can get you arrested. Possessing a little amount of marijuana can result in a fine or 24 hours in prison. If you have additional marijuana on you and it appears that you are dealing, you may face a longer term. As a result, cannabis has become Bulgaria’s most popular substance, with a large proportion of young people using it.

You don’t want to be caught with weed on your person in Burgas. If you absolutely must smoke, do so in a quiet setting, such as your own house. Many people smoke on the beach; however, if you choose to do so at night, you need be cautious.

Where to get cannabis/weed in Burgas

If you don’t know anyone in Burgas, you won’t be able to find good weed. Your best bet is to look for people smoking in the clubs or in the Sea Garden. You can also look for dealers around popular tourist attractions. If you have the time, you should travel to Sunny Beach, where finding cannabis is much easier. If you don’t know anyone, the marijuana you buy will almost certainly be of bad quality. The price is generally 10 euros per gram, but if you are a tourist, you could expect to pay up to 15 euros per gram.

cannabis/weed in Burgas get marijuana in Burgas