Weed in Budapest

cannabis/weed in Budapest get marijuana in Budapest

Where to get marijuana in Budapest. Budapest was one of the crown jewels of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and it is a city that everyone should see if they get the chance. Of course, if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably interested in learning more about the cannabis situation in Budapest. With all of the answers, here’s the comprehensive guide on acquiring and using cannabis/weed in Budapest.

Cannabis Laws in Hungary

As you might expect, Hungary’s drug laws are exceedingly severe. The conservative stance toward cannabis is no exception to the country’s conservative outlook in general. You must use extra caution if you smoke in Budapest.

According to the restrictions in existence, even if it’s simply for personal use and in small amounts, you might get in a lot of trouble smoking marijuana. A large fine or, in exceptional cases, jail time could be imposed. In practice, though, this is extremely rare, and if you exercise caution, you should be able to avoid any trouble at all; merely cooperate with the cops and avoid smoking in public.

Residents of Budapest are not very conservative and do not criticize marijuana use, but the cops are another story. Keep in mind that driving laws are strict, and you may be tested for substances other than alcohol, such as cannabis.

Where to Find Cannabis/Weed in Budapest

Tourists and locals alike assemble in the city center to celebrate, and it’s also where you might be offered marijuana. Simply look for people smoking marijuana in some of the biggest nightclubs, such as tkert, Doboz, or Szimpla. Do not be afraid to approach stoners and ask them questions; they are typically kind and will point you in the right direction or provide contact information.

Sziget Hajógyári: You’ve probably heard of the Sziget festival, which takes place here. This Danube River island attracts both young Hungarians and tourists. On the island, there is a lot of partying, and many young people congregate there. That means marijuana is also smoked in the Budapes area.

Marijuana prices for travelers could be very different. You should expect to pay roughly 10 euros for a gram of high-quality cannabis. Tourists pay more, but if you’re smart and bargain, you can spend as low as 10 euros, if not less. Budapest is an excellent destination for marijuana users, and you will have a great time there. Simply keep an eye out for cops and refrain from smoking on the street. This isn’t the Spanish Republic.

cannabis/weed in Budapest get marijuana in Budapest

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